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Welcome to World Oyama Karate, Chelsea!
located near Pelham, Inverness, Greystone, Hoover, Leeds, and Columbiana

Image of Chelsea Karate Oyama Dojo At the World Oyama Karate Dojo in Chelsea, we can help you enhance your body and mind through training in traditional Japanese karate. Everyone needs a positive, healthy activity to pursue. Karate has given children, teens, young adults and even not-so-young adults greater discipline, better health, and self-defense skills. It instills a sense of respect towards oneself and others.

Click here for information about receiving a free lesson. Discover how much World Oyama Karate can offer you and how enjoyable it can be to challenge yourself. Hear from our students how karate has enriched their lives. You too can benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally!

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